Betterrepairables.com is one of the leading repairable/salvage auto dealers in Northeast Pennsylvania. We are trendsetters in the evolving industry and provide customer-centered quality, transparent and expert service to each one of our buyers.

We are committed to listing the most accurate description possible and we encourage buyers to call us, and we will walk/talk with you around the vehicle. This hands-on approach will allow you to truly understand the extent of the damage and buy with confidence.

We specialize in late model repairable trucks and offer nationwide transporting. We handpick our inventory from lease companies through a direct purchase program.



It is no secret how the repairable car business has grown in just the last ten years. With evolving internet sites there is constant access to repairable vehicles anywhere anytime of the day. The biggest challenge for consumers is the prevalence of fraud and scammers in the business. You know the ones that are here today and gone tomorrow? Why are they gone? It has become just that easy to misrepresent inventory and scam their way right out of business. Often purchasing heavily damaged vehicles which are deemed a parts vehicle and then “fluffing” them and reselling the vehicle.

This dishonest strategy involves superficially processing a vehicle to where the high definition photos pass as a “light hit” or an “easy repair.” Illustrating no hidden damage, the vehicle is then listed as a “Run and Drive” on the lot and often called “no airbags deployed.” These common practices are unlawful and fraudulent. At Betterrepairables.com you can expect customer-centered quality, transparency and experienced service.

We take an honest approach to every vehicle we sell. Our cars and trucks are offered and sold to buyers exactly as they are received. Our vehicles get a comprehensive bumper to bumper condition report from a certified ASE technician appraising all collision areas with a thorough description of any damaged body panels or OEM components. All vehicles are detailed and then offered to buyers. It is that simple! We pride ourselves on cultivating relationships with our repeat buyers and can say with confidence you will know precisely what you are buying.



A walk talk is a service provided to ensure the buyer has extensive knowledge of the details of a repairable vehicle. An experienced and certified technician would walk around the vehicle and talk to a buyer explaining the exact damage that are often difficult to catch when viewing pictures. This is essential as photos can be misleading.

We will explain in-depth all the repair details from all body panels to under the hood and all the way around to the undercarriage. We will sit inside the vehicle and help you feel the wear and tear of the interior, highlighting any stains, burns, radio button blemishes, console wear, headliner bruises, windshield cracks, seat functioning and of course any odor. During a walk/talk you will never hear one of our representatives say, “worst case scenario- repairs can be done this way.”

We are long time veterans in the salvage industry having bought and sold hundreds of repairables. Our expertise allows us to demonstrate to our buyers exactly what needs to happen to make the vehicle safe, legal and cost effective.

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